I am grateful for your integrity and courage, and for hearing of you. Thank you for all you are doing and have done. We - the good caring people with integrity and courage - need to do . . . I don't know what. Create our own alternate system? Somehow get the evil-doers out? I am another one - not a doctor - who is doing what she can. Thank you again.

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Jan 1, 2023Liked by Dr. Crystal Luchkiw

I am deeply saddened that you and your patients have lost the essential health care relationships you formed together. I want to honour and thank you for standing true to your Oath and to humanity. You will find a path to help people with their wellbeing and people will cherish that you fully embrace Informed Consent. All the best to you as you heal and explore new possibilities.

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Dec 31, 2022Liked by Dr. Crystal Luchkiw

Dear Dr. Chrystal,

What an outrage. Please do not give up! You are too good for the current system. Please reach out to the Canadian Health Alliance and other growing organizations that are creating different and better ways to help people stay healthy or recover their health. The CPSO and their ilk are very powerful, but we are more than them and we have a truth on our side, so they are bound to fail.

Please take care of yourself in the meantime! 🙏

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Jan 8, 2023Liked by Dr. Crystal Luchkiw

Hi Crystal, I'm the vax injured guy who spoke immediately before you at a CPSO protest. I stand with you in the fight against the licensing colleges.

The decision against you ( https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onscdc/doc/2022/2022onsc5738/2022onsc5738.html ) seems to be a major factual error in it. There is a misrepresentation of what the Ontario MOH (and NACI guidelines) actually say about vaccine exemptions.

QUOTE: "On the issue of medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccinations, there is reference to the views of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) and recommendations of the Ontario Ministry of Health, that a vaccine exemption should be provided in only two situations, where the patient has had a severe allergic reaction and where a patient has a diagnosed episode of myocarditis or pericarditis after receiving an mRNA vaccine."

But it's not "only two situations". If you actually count the situations in the Ontario MOH guidelines, it lists 6 contraindications based on pre-existing conditions, 4 based on adverse events following immunization (AEFIs), and 2 based on other conditions/AEFIs. The MOH guidelines also suggest that some immunocompromised patients should NOT get vaccinated (“Actively receiving or recently completed immunosuppressing therapy anticipated to significantly blunt vaccine response”). https://web.archive.org/web/20220609080019/https://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/publichealth/coronavirus/docs/vaccine/medical_exemptions_to_vaccination.pdf

What a crazy world that we live in where facts don't matter.

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Thanks for your courage, fortitude, intelligence and discipline under fire. Now that you have turned a major page you can continue the struggle perhaps with more focus and in a wider professional circle. Let me know how I might assist

Anthony James Hall

Professor Emeritus at the University of Lethbridge

Alberta Canada antoniusjameshall@gmail.com

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Thank you for sharing this poignant and infuriating example of yet another physician of integrity being targeted and penalized for refusing to become a colluder (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-colluder-stop-enabling/).

Take it as a badge of honor. You *will* be exonerated, and the corrupt and democidal perpetrators *will* face justice 🙌

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Your commitment to your patients, your oath and integrity and leadership will not be in vain. Love the reference to Eccles. All "this" is definitely a spiritual battle. God's kind of love always hopes, always perseveres. Praying for you and your family.

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A number of years ago I watched as the best Dr I ever had went through the same process.

I wrote letters on her behalf but they didn't care....This doctor is now thriving as a wellness coach and now practices other forms of medicine...I will upgrade to paid to help to support you.

Please get a hold of the Children's Health Defense (RFK Jr site) and they will help connect you to this growing movement of Doctor's like yourself....I also really gave a strong opinion to a couple of your colleagues and was meet with complete silence....any doctor who can't see what's going on is incompetent, and the others I consider liar's. In the end truth and integrity will prevail. Know there are many behind you! If the WHO win's we all lose...but if they don't all the governing authority's including the CPSO will be tried for treason and crimes against humanity and hopefully hung.....they have needlessly caused the death or impending death of billions. If the WHO has their way....they will need to expand the gates of hell...you my dear will be going to heaven.

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Will greatly miss you as my doctor, and I am appalled at what the CPSO has done to you. You have done nothing wrong. On the contrary , all you have done was be an ethical, caring ,conscientious physician. I admire you for continuing to speak out and am confident that you will someone land on your feet. Keep up the fight.

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Thank you, Sandra!! Some things are happening and we have another pre-motion hearing on march 10th to remove evidence related to the Covid “recommendations” since those cannot be considered wrong doing now that they’ve admitted these were merely suggestions.

Please keep positive thoughts and prayers for doctors like myself to return to medicine so we protect ethical treatment of human beings in medicine!

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You are the type of doctor we all would like to find. It has been horrible and painful to see the system becoming so dehumanized. I noticed it almost 30 years ago in Canada and other countries where I have lived. But now that we are going through a massive awakening and increased consciousness, it is time to regenerate and create the structures and systems for the world of love, empathy, care, freedom and respect we envision and deserve. Time to start initiatives like The Wellness Company in the US. I would like to become a member of a network and platform that helps citizens learn how to become individuals responsible for their health and wellness. A system that explains how to prevent dis-ease, how to keep our body, mind and soul in harmony and free-from synthetic substances ad much as possible. A system where doctors are coaches, applied researchers, constant learners with their patients. Where doctors are visited not just when people is sick, but when people feel fine and want to learn how to keep all nutrients in balance. A system with workshops, conferences, classes and opportunities for all to be health practitioners!

The current health system is fed by dis-ease, treatment of symptoms not the real cause of the imbalances, synthetic drugs to treat not cure, no prevention and the assumption that the “ patient” is just that, an incompetent creature unable to even think what can be wrong with their body and how could that happen.

We need valuable, smart , intelligent health practitioners like you. We need to start membership-only “health clubs” where people can learn to tale charge of their well-being. You will see that leaving the ( I bet not very attractive) physical space where you devoted so many hours to your patients is the best thing that could have happened to you, because it will allow you to re-think and find an amazing way to better serve humanity. Cheers to your courage, integrity and knowledge. We will see a better world , after sone more bumpy obstacles that might seem impossible to overcome. Humanity will win this long, long war between good and evil.

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You have courage and integrity that none in the Health bureaucracy have. The lessons in history show that truth ultimately wins and those that enforced/supported lies will pay dearly. Nuremberg post WW2 is history about to repeat. Stay strong, you are not alone!

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